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Date: 2018.11.20        Author: Adrian

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Create short link

Require authorization with a user account.

Authorization header is: Bearer <token>

var req = {
	method: 'POST', 
url: 'https://', headers: {'Content-Type': "application/json; charset=utf-8",         'Authorization': "Bearer "+ <hkey>}, data:<new link> };

where data should be defined like next:

Add "appkey" to data if the authorization is created with an application key.

data: {
        link:<link url>,
        ltype:<link type>,
        cid:<campaign ID>,

link type values are j, e, r:
    - j  - just link, no action is trigered
    - e - used to add an empty pixel email image to check email is open
    - r - used to record action when used ( record info to a logfile )

extra fields:

    - pem - attach and record an email address that is used to identify the user (email campaigns)
    - pid - attach the campaign ID to the link for further checkup on destination website

Response is a JSON:

check for[0]


    t:<link type>,
    cid:<campaign ID>,
    e:{pem:true/false, pid:true/false}

If t = "j" ; cid and e are not required as no action is trigered except redierect to "l" url.

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